Scouring dumpsites to harness nature's powers

All over the world, everyone seems to share concern that discarded non-biodegradable PET(plastic) bottles and their undesirable negative impact on the environment are part of our everyday lives.A very wide range of products including water, soda, juice, condiments, soap and many others are packaged in plastic bottles owing mainly to its low cost compared to glass. Day by day, plastic bottles are increasingly clogging up water ways, are an eyesore on roadsides in almost every township in the country , and are a threat to marine life. The massive volumes polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans are contributing to unnecessary deaths of marine life posing health risks to humans as well.

Kenya's participation in the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference(SBEC) and the whole blue economy debate puts into focus the need for local companies to re-evaluate how they use their resources for sustainable economic development in relation to achieving the 2030 economic agenda. Further focus is placed in (a) Sustainability, Climate change and controlling pollution and (b) Production, Accelerated economic growth, Jobs and poverty alleviation.Recent developments in this front include the Kenyan government's gazettement and implementation of the ban on plastic bags in 2017.

A follow up on single-use plastics in local beaches, forests and conservations and national parks is meant to take effect in June 2020. In compliance with set directives, a few local companies have scaled up their efforts to provide alternatives to plastics with emphasis being placed on recycling, re-use of shopping bags and cleanups by corporate entities as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. We as Agano Tradecraft have taken theĀ  latter option, collecting and re-using discarded plastic bottles in production of a new locally fabricated solar water heater for domestic use.

In our quest to prop up local entreprenuers, one of our projects is in making of solar water heaters. Our solar panels utilize localy manufactured materials to trap heat from the sun rays around water circulation pipes and enhance the efficiency of water heating. By using a combination of locally available materials and re-usable plastic bottles, we have managed to keep the cost of the solar water heaters very low. We use basic technology to seal the heated water tanks to minimize heat loss and keep the water hot for a longer period of time. At prices ranging between Kshs 27,000 and Kshs 32,000, our water heaters are among the lowest priced in the market and are affordable for most homesteads, guesthouses, schools, hostels and other establishments.

By using durable materials which are not brittle, we are confident that our solar water heaters will last for decades and we are able to give a warranty of upto 6 years on manufacturer defects. We are always available for after sales support to ensure that your installed unit works as effectively as possible.

Every unit we manufacture utilizes over 350 empty bottles and we are confident that our efforts will contributeĀ  immensely in reducing plastic pollution in the towns where we operate and in rivers and other water bodies. We engage youth and otherwise unemployed persons in our locality to collect and supply to us used bottles, giving them an opportunity to earn a livelihood and also to contribute in cleaning up the environment.

Nova Suntech is indeed a statement of our commitment of making strides in local enterprises by providing an opportunity to youth from vocational institutions to put into use their hard earned skills and gain further traction in employment.We aim to construct our first fully- fledged workshop in Kitui County and this will create employment initially for upto thirty youth who will be fullly involved in production of Nova Suntech.

Using free solar energy affords you the luxury of hot water powered by nature. Nova Suntech is an environmentally friendly, pocket friendly and efficient solar water heater which will provide you with hot water for showering and other domestic uses while not burdening you with recurrent electricity bills. Our panels can provide adequate hot water for moderate use for a family of five.

Our workshop is located in the outskirts of Kitui Town and you can reach us on +254717810340 and through email on

Nova Suntech~ Homegrown solutions for your home!

Written by Agano Tradecraft on Saturday April 11, 2020

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