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At Agano Tradecraft we help you to convert your Startup into a growing profitable business through coaching in business management skills, supporting and helping in formulation of strategic plans, mobilizing debt funding where required, offering financial management services in the formative period of the business and assisting in raising both debt and equity investments for innovative startups. We believe in enabling growth and expansion as well as provide a platform for businesses to explore regional markets. We do this by designing investment structures that incentivize and align with the goals and objectives of our partner enterprises, our management team and investors.

Selection criteria:

  1. Startups with strong profitability and growth prospects.
  2. Startups with historical operational record of 0 to 5 years Strong bias in value addition – manufacturing, engineering and any other form of processing of consumer goods.
  3. Startups in Technology/IT with clear product profiles can also qualify
  4. The Founding team should have expertise as well as technical know–how in the specific business sector invested in.
  5. Founders should also preferably be working full time on the venture.
  6. Startups should be at the post revenue and post prototype stage.
  7. Proven sales traction in existing markets and high growth potential in new markets.
  8. Your pitch should be accompanied by a minimum of a 24 month budget plan.
  9. We can offer a guideline on the content of your pitch to assist you in your preparation for the same.

We are keen on working with sectors that actively engage in value addition, and have a potential of high market growth, positive cash flows and healthy financial performance so as to build value and generate long term returns on both the investor’s and founder’s investment while providing proactive performance and portfolio management.

Pitch for Investment

Written by Agano Tradecraft on Tuesday December 24, 2019

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